Aram Bartholl - Obsolete Presence site specific installation, 2017 © Aram Bartholl - Obsolete Presence site specific installation, 2017

Aram Bartholl, a contemporary artist hailing from Germany, is known for his unconventional methods and disruptive vision. His work primarily revolves around sculptural interventions, installations, and performative workshops that question the habits, economies, and behaviors ingrained in our current media culture. Bartholl delves into complex matters tied to social networks, online platforms, and digital distribution strategies, compelling us to reassess our perceptions and engagement with these omnipresent entities.

Aram Bartholl
This Is Fine
public sculpture

Themes of surveillance, data security, and tech-dependency are at the forefront of Bartholl's discursive explorations. He ingeniously transforms the absurdities, contradictions, and gaps prevalent in our digital everyday life into tangible, spatial settings. This transition often results in grotesque confrontations, forcing the viewer to face their own ignorance towards the overarching influence of globally-operating platform capitalism.

However, Bartholl's critique doesn't end at mere confrontation. He actively harnesses the potential of public spaces to re-negotiate network activities as political forms of participation on an analog level. Through his work, Bartholl initiates a performative process that enables the recontextualization of individual actions within a collective and self-determined network discourse. This blend of public and digital space inspires a novel dialogue around the reality of our digital existence, pushing boundaries, and inciting discussions about agency and power within these networked spaces.

Aram Bartholl
Speed Show: Face The Face
exhibition / installation

Formally and conceptually, Bartholl's artistic work incorporates the aesthetics, codes, and communication patterns prevalent among users on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and within video games. This deliberate contextualization not only brings the underlying logics of the Internet to the forefront but also subverts them using their own exploitation strategies.

Aram Bartholl
The Last Like

Aram Bartholl's innovative approach to art and the digital world blurs the line between reality and the virtual. His ability to merge the digital with the physical world creates a distinct form of digital realism that invites us to confront, question, and rethink our relationship with the digital networks that so profoundly shape our contemporary society. His work is a compelling reminder that art and technology can intertwine to illuminate the complexities of our interconnected world.

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